How do we begin the building process?
First we sit down with you and discuss your budget and your new home wants and needs. This also gives you an excellent opportunity for you to get answers to any remaining questions.

Will you build a home on my lot?
Yes, we will gladly build on your own lot or if you don’t already have one, we will help you find the perfect home site. We also have great building lots in several communities that you can choose from.

How long will it take to build my home?
It all depends on the size and complexity of your plan. But generally it takes between 3-4 months. Once you have a plan in mind, we can give you a better estimate on the time frame.

What is your cost per square foot?
This is probably our most frequently asked question. However, it’s the least effective way of comparing builder’s. The answer really depends on the amenities and features you choose for your new home. For example, pitch of the roof, cabinet features, type of counter tops and flooring materials, just to name a few. All these factors dramatically affect the cost of the home but do not increase the square footage. The more elaborate the feature, the higher the cost per square feet will be. Once you decide on a plan and the features you want in your home then we can give you an accurate cost per square foot.

How do we get started with designing the custom home of our dreams?
Building Concepts has many designs to choose from as well as our in house design services. We can design your dream home or work with a designer or architect of your choice.

Altering floor plans?
If you have a finished or unfinished plan of your own or one of ours that you feel needs some adjusting or altering, we would be happy to take that plan and help you turn it into your dream home.

Do you have financing available for your homes?
We usually build homes financed by local lenders. However we do have several preferred Lenders available who will meet with you at our locations taking applications and answering questions, to assist buyers in the process.

What qualities should I look for in a custom home builder?
It’s important to select a homebuilder with expertise, a record of quality workmanship, and the ability to meet your budget. It’s also vital to choose a company you can trust and feel comfortable with. When choosing a home builder, learn about their process and ask to see examples of their work and feedback from past clients. Another viable referral source can come from the local Homebuilders Association office. In this area it is the “Southern Utah Homebuilders Association”.

Can you provide references?
Absolutely, Just contact us with your request. You can also see our work and read feedback from past clients here on our website.

Will we know upfront how much our new custom home will cost?
Building Concepts will provide you with a detailed statement of the cost before you sign a contract with us. If you make any changes during the building process that affect the cost, we will provide an updated estimate prior to making the changes.

How can I keep the cost of the home within my budget?
After the bids are in, any necessary adjustments in the design, specifications or allowances can be made and reviewed to keep the home at a price you are comfortable with.

What is an allowance?
At Building Concepts, we price the home based on your specifications so it can be built without extra costs. But in the areas that can be adjusted by the customer when they make their final color selections such as carpeting, tile, cabinets, light fixtures, etc. We use the budget amount to create an allowance. Some builders will use an arbitrary amount for allowances which may create a lower price, but we feel this sets the buyer up for surprise extra costs.

I am concerned about surprise extras.
So are we! All requested changes are priced and approved by the buyer before the work begins. We keep a running Change Order Master that continually tracks the changes and reflects the itemized expense or credit to the total cost of the home. There will be no surprise extras.

What type of Warranty do you offer?
We offer up to a 10 year limited warranty on every home we build.